“In my farm, I grow grapes. Out of the 24 lanes of grapes, 4 were treated with Homa Therapy. I started with Homa farming 3 years back. On these 4 lanes, I do not use any pesticide, insecticide, fungicide, etc. I only sprayed the Agnihotra ash weekly 2 times. In these four lanes there was no disease. But on the other 20 lanes, where I used chemical fertilizers, insecticide, pesticide, etc., there were diseases. Main disease is the mealy bug, then powdery mildew. It was a surprise, a miracle for me that only with spraying Agnihotra ash there was no disease. Also we practice Agnihotra on the farm since the last 3 years. And the taste is very different too. The organic Homa grapes are very sweet. With the chemical applications, they are not. Now, I have cut all the creepers of the 20 lanes in my 13 year old grape farm and I am putting everything under Homa technology. It is like starting a new organic Homa plantation. We use the garden waste for mulching and the cuts from the old creepers as natural manure. Next year we will be able to harvest.” His friend, Mr. Sunjay Kumar, adds: “His idea of Homa Organic Farming is to give some good things to society. It is helpful to the society to decrease diseases, which are rising due to the use of the heavy fertilizers in growing food.”

Dinkar Jayram Patil, 
Ojhar, Nashik, Maharashtra,