“I am a farmer since 1990. I cultivate 4 varieties of grapes: Thompson, black Syrah seedless, Jambo and Nanasahep Purple and also a variety of vegetables. There is an export market for grapes, but more demand is inside India.T he thing is that people are getting sick everywhere and I did some research about that. I found out that 67 % of the people die due to some cancer. I thought about the reason behind this and I came to organic natural farming. I studied what a plant or tree requires for its growth, also taking the atmosphere into consideration. Then I collected the data on balancing the atmosphere and the nutrients required. I spent one year on that subject. Afterwards, I organized a farmer’s get-together and told them about my findings.Before knowing Agnihotra, I tried biodynamics, biocompost, vermicompost, vermiwash, I placed earthworms around the trees to supply nutrients directly. However, when I started using Agnihotra ash, the leaves became healthy and green, more micronutrients were available and the enzyme level improved instantly. The soil becomes more alive. The sweetness of the fruits started increasing. Using agrochemicals, the soil dies. When you do organic farming, the production is good, but when you add Homa Therapy to that, the production is better and increases. Homa Therapy is like Gods’ Blessing. When you work with God, you get better crops”.
Mr. Datatreyas’ success formula for a 600 liters tank:
– 15 liters cow dung
– 3 liters cows urine
– Agnihotra Ash
– a little cows ghee (desi cow)
– 10 liters vermiwash
Fill the rest of the tank with water.
This mixture has to sit for 3 days. It is then filtered and connected directly to the drop system.
This way 500 liters of potent liquid Homa energized fertilizer can be produced every 3 days. This quantity is enough for 2.5 acres or 1 hectare.
For fumigation, he dilutes 1ml of this Homa fertilizer with 1 liter of Agnihotra ash water.

Mr. Rohan Bhosale (his friend and translater) coments:
“Mr. Dattatreya has done great research in organic fertilizing and has published a book on that subject to guide the farmers, so they can produce their own fertilizer. That book is very awarded in the government and popular in the field of agriculture. When he came to know about Agnihotra and Homa farming, he found miraculous results in the increase of the bacterial level in the compost and positive contribution to the life cycle of earth worms. He also found in Agnihotra ash and its medicines a powerful natural pesticide and many more things. Agnihotra and Homa Farming were a turning point in his research.”

Dattatreya Dhikale,
Sayat Pimpri, Nashik,