“We had a rather difficult experience because of the high conductivity of the water from the well, which is the only water source we have to irrigate the farm. This high conductivity creates a complex situation; it is not easy. Its effect is that most of the nutrients are not assimilated well by the plant. We have calcareous salts, which limit the absorption of nutrients through the roots. By having this situation, the plant would usually not be green. We have applied adequate organic fertilization. We have also had some rain, but something that we believe causes us great benefit is the implementation of Homa Farming Technology. We have monitored this. We can say that the plant has an ideal absorption of nutrients. It has good vitality.
“The harmful effect that we should have had with this high salinity cannot be seen. We can say that we have mitigated the risk of this type of water. The plantation looks normal like one with an ideal kind of conductivity. With Homa Therapy, the effect of the salinity in the water has diminished greatly. We have thick, lush banana plants and we have no Black Sigatoka or other phytosanitary health problems. We have banana clusters of an average of 8 to 9 hands. We also have 13 hands.”

Antonia Martinez

Vinces, Ecuador

South America