“I have over 50 years of experience in growing bananas. Comparatively speaking about productive plantations with meristem plants and conventional banana plantation, the experience in our banana farm in Alto Piura has been very good, in spite of being hit for not having proper water. With the implementation of Homa Technology, we have been able to achieve this banana plantation, enhanced and in full production. We estimated a delay in parturition / production of this template (R0) and also a small and inferior cluster. However, the delay was less than estimated and the cluster was better in size and quality. This is already a great guarantee for better results in terms of productivity. We believe this result was made possible by our practice of Homa Farming Technology.”
These Bananas, variety William of Musterion Inca of Peru, Sac. are exported to the United States, Europe and parts of Asia. Besides being nutritious and tasty, our bananas are filled with healing energy. A Homa product is beyond top quality. Bon appetite, enjoy these bananas! In addition to its banana project, the Company Musterion Inca of Peru, Sac., has implemented a project of social responsibility in nearby communities such as Yécala, Cruz Verde, Cruz Blanca. It is aimed at education, health, environmental activities, etc., which generate chain development and economic growth for the whole area.

Loma Negra, Piura,