COUNTRY South America
CITY Armenia, Colombia
NAME Jenny Carrasco
MONTH, YEAR February,  2016
ISSUE Insomnia, Tiredness, Stress, Congestion And Chronic Sinusitis
Congestion And Chronic Sinusitis
Need Of Injections And Medicines
No Aim In Life
Light Found
Sound Sleep
Improved Relationship
More Bonding
No Need Of Injections And Medicines
Harmony In Life

TYPE OF THERAPY Started Practice Agnihotra
DISEASE CATEGORY Insomnia, Tiredness, Stress, Congestion And Chronic Sinusitis


“I am 48; I am married and have two children age 22 and 15. I came to know about Homa, when I was invited for a cup of coffee to the “Botica Sol” (vegetarian restaurant, health food store, classes for Yoga, dance, etc., alternative and conventional medical attention, etc.). There, Dora Betancur, owner of the establishment, invited us to participate in Agnihotra. At that time I was seriously stressed, tired, I had no goals and was looking for a reason to live.I was looking for something. When the Agnihotra session had finished, I felt very relaxed, light, refreshed and very happy. I left with a smile from ear to ear. That day was very special. I felt so light and released. I had found the Light. Then Mrs. Dora invited me to learn more about Homa Therapy. Later, in company of my husband, she answered our questions and concerns. I also had the fear: wondering to what I’m getting in? But, I also said to myself: “This feels very good; it can’t be bad, because I feel so happy.” Whenever we could, we attended Agnihotra in Botica Sol. We also learned the Tryambakam Homa. I longed to be participating in Homa Therapy. Afterwards my husband and I always left happily. Then, I started to analyze many things in my life. I was a very fast and impatient person. One, that wanted to do everything fast and with the attitude that I do it better or not to disturb the other person. I realized that I did not let my husband do things that belonged to him, in his time and in his own way. I did not allow him to be free and I always wanted to do everything myself. I was very much on top of him. The same with my children in day to day life. I did not do this with bad intention, but I realized that I must change this and then I also felt more free. Every time I discovered something new inside of me, I would throw the old things out. This process was great! I still enjoyed the outside world, but it was not as wonderful as the time with the Homa Fires. After 7, 8 months, Mrs. Dora invited me to work in Botica Sol. For me this meant a challenge, because I and my husband worked independently. But I wanted to be in this place, in this environment and be close to the Homa Fires. The first gift we gave ourselves was an Agnihotra kit, so one of us could do the Healing Fire in our home at sunrise and sunset. I am very grateful for all that I received. I feel really benefited. I am now another person. I always considered myself a good person, but now I feel happier and more free to be me. In my husband I have also seen changes. He was very restless, analytical, always thinking. When we arrived at the Botica Sol and started with Homa Therapy, it was as if all thoughts got erased and he is now calm, relaxed, sleeps well and tranquil. I do not suffer anymore from insomnia either. Before, with all my preoccupation and concerns in my mind, I could not rest well and woke up the other day more tired, more stressed out. The same had happened with my husband. Also, my husband did not know how to listen. He always had all the answers and period. He was fast, very strict and very demanding. My children are grateful for the change they see in him, because now they say that he listens, is patient and puts himself in their shoes. Our family relationships have greatly improved. Jaime and I always had a lot of communication. We thought, we were communicating well, but with the Homa Fires we are more involved in each other, understand each other better and we love each other more. We are married for 22 years.”
“My daughter, María Camila, went to study in Bogota and my husband went to visit her for one month and we gave her an Agnihotra kit. She suffered from congestion and chronic sinusitis for months and months and received many injections for that. Besides, she felt very sad and lonely in Bogota. She was always very attached to us and she loves to be with her family. The Homa Fire fascinates her. From the first day, when Jaime came with the pyramid to practice Agnihotra, she felt improvement. She stopped taking her medicines and within a week she was fine. That month, during which Jaime was there, my daughter told me: “Homa totally changed my life. I think differently now.”She’s a musician and was much influenced by foreign trends, but now she is in love with Colombian music, she carries it in her blood. She is very grateful that she has discovered her roots, her gifts and she feels good. We also send her energy through the Homa Fires. The group of people with whom she lived, began to reject her. They left and others came. These new room mates are harmonious, practice Yoga and meditation. We can see that the practice of Homa Therapy takes us away from what is not good for us and brings us the things that really give us harmony.”

Jenny Carrasco,
Armenia, Colombia, 

South America