In this banana farm we have observed two stages: one without Homa Therapy applications and the other, post or with Homa Technology, when the correct and proper implementation of this Super Technology began. Before the implementation of Homa Technology, certain nutritional practices for a sustainable growth of the banana cultivation, as recommended by experts, were applied. One problem is, that this land has very diverse types of soils. The other problem is that the water has a high conductivity, which means, it is too salty to nourish a plant. All these costly practices of nutrition at the outset appeared to be beneficial, but quickly stopped because the plant did not grow, and when new leaves emerged, almost immediately they began to dry. These two conditions of mixed terrain and salty water have not changed. The cultural practices and management for this crop have not changed either.”
“But when we started doing Homa, as it has to be done in a Homa Farming Resonance Point, the Divine blessings came with a rain with fresh water. Things changed and we can see this here now. We have the participation of the workers in these Homa farm practices. We started out with 4 hours Tryambakam. Now we do a minimum of 8 hours daily Tryambakam for at least 2 to 4 Agnihotras at sunrise and sunset in different locations.”

Andres Arango,

Loma Negra, Piura,