COUNTRY South America
CITY Tenjo, Colombia
NAME Gladys Elvira Arias Noval
MONTH, YEAR June,  2016
ISSUE Bipolar Disorder, Strong Depression, Dizziness and Headaches, Anxiety, Migraine
Strong Depression
Dizziness and Headaches
Suicide Attempt
No Motivation To Live
Could Not Sleep
Taking Lithium
No Strong Depression
No Anxiety And Sadness
No Dizziness and Headaches
No Migraine
Feel Peace And Joy
No Need Of Lithium
Feel Happy And Energetic
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra and Using Agnihotra Ash
DISEASE CATEGORY Bipolar Disorder, Depression


“I am 49 years old. I have lived almost 4 years in the Homa Farm Tenjo. I had a pretty sad life until I came to the Homa Fires. I reached a state of a strong depression. I was even taking medication because I had episodes of bipolar disorder. I had no motivation to live. I had problems since childhood. At age 10, I attempted suicide. I had many difficulties in my life and many blockages in all aspects. At age 23, I was under psychological treatments. I tried to follow the model of the successful woman, I played to be superwoman. I had become independent from my family. I was by myself and lived in rented rooms, since my income was not enough to rent an apartment or house. I was also paying my studies. I said to myself: “I can, I can and I have to get ahead. I am strong.” But I demanded so much from myself that I broke. I sought help, psychologists, therapists, but I lasted very little with them for one reason or another. I said to myself: “I do not want to go back” and I did not. At age 28 I met a wonderful man, who became my husband, the only husband I have had. It was a wonderful relationship. Very difficult, but he taught me many things. I think that more than a husband, he was a teacher that life put on my path. Thanks to him, I began to mature a lot. He gave me so much affection, so much love and that was what I was in need of. But our relationship changed, it was no more a marital relationship. For that reason, we did not continue to live together. So my mom invited me to live with her in Tenjo. I was always reluctant to allopathic medicine, but at age 38, I entered into a crisis, and that’s what changed my life. At that time my ex-husband, who is a physician, and the psychologist, who treated me, realized that I was bipolar and I started taking Lithium. I begged my ex-husband to medicate me so I could sleep. I had two weeks without any sleep, not even 5 minutes. But he told me, that he did not consider this appropriate, because it was artificial sleep. That this type of sleep was not good at all, it was not recharging nor revitalizing. When I came to live with my mother in Tenjo, I continued taking Lithium. 4 years later, a yoga teacher, Mrs. Gloria Triana, invited me to a Homa Therapy meeting, where I met you. For this I owe Gloria a lot. That day, I began to feel something very special. I felt that I was weightless and traveling in the darkness to some place. I had never had that wonderful feeling before. The next day, when waking up, I felt a sense of peace and joy and lots of energy, but in a controlled manner. It was wonderful! I had this feeling all day long. If life would be like that, you would not want to leave. Then I asked myself, what had been the reason for this and the answer was – the Agnihotra Healing Fire! By God’s Grace I came to the Homa Farm in Tenjo. Now, I live here and I feel very happy. After two months of living on the Homa farm, one morning during Agnihotra in the Agnihotra hut, I realized that I no longer suffered from anxiety, or despair, or distress, or sadness, nothing. I must also emphasize that occasionally I had strong migraine, photo-sensitivity, dizziness and headaches that would not go away with nothing. But doing Agnihotra, all discomfort disappeared and this confirmed my faith in the power of Agnihotra. This Homa Therapy truly helps, it works! I was taking Lithium for 2 years and since 3 years I do not need it any more. Now I’m living here almost four years and I am very grateful. Besides, an economic gate has also opened for me with the practice of Agnihotra and I am experiencing prosperity in my business.”

Gladys Elvira Arias Noval,
Homa Farm Tenjo, Colombia, 

South America