“In our neighborhood, several families practice Agnihotra and Om Tryambakam Homa, so our garden benefits from Homa atmosphere. My husband Richard and I have no training in gardening, but for many years we have grown plenty of delicious produce. The garden has always been full of surprises. Several years ago, in an uncultivated area, dill, cilantro and heads of endive just appeared; maybe we had spilled some seeds there the year before. We reaped abundantly from that untended spot, and called it, “The Free Garden.” For the third year, the Free Garden has re-seeded itself and has produced generous yields with little or no help. In our spring planting, we had forgotten to plant green beans. Still, a few weeks later, a number of bean plants triumphantly returned where they had grown the year before. Some old vines, left on the fence all winter, had dropped their seeds, which sprouted and flourished. This seemed unlikely, as the seeds had been exposed to ice, snow and sudden temperature changes over the winter. A variety of wild edible plants have also sprung up all over the garden, such as dandelion, violet, lambsquarter, chickweed, purslane and sorrel. They are highly nutritious and/or medicinal, so even our weeds can be a blessing!”

Mrs. Lisa Powers,

Madison, Virginia,