“I have dedicated the last 12 years to organic farming. We did Agnihotra in the farm for the first time in the year 2015, a year of a very terrible drought. Already the next day, that is in less than 24 hours, the whole farm was completely green, green, green! We were in the midst of a drought, the plants had been much stressed, and they looked as if they had been released from that stress. I sell some products from the farm at the organic market of San Juan. They all say that ours bananas are the best. Sometimes, I carry cherry tomato and people tell me that they are spectacular. I say this with all humility. There is something that occurs energetically. The people who buy our produce feel that energy. They feel that they are strong, beautiful and energy charged. They also have a delicious taste. I know that the energy of Agnihotra has helped a lot with my crops. This farm is in recovery and we see the results. We have seen coffee trees born in the farm, almost instantly, with a strength as we were making a selection. It is as if the trees were saying ‘we are the ones that can do it’. And from these we collect the seeds and we are propagating them. What is happening is a Natural Selection. The challenges of high temperatures and the drought continue. This year it is not so strong, but it continues.  I wonder and ask the trees: ‘And you, how did you get so well? How did you improve so much?’ And they do speak to me. I have concluded, that a natural selection is taking place and that these are going to be the indicators who will provide the seeds for me to keep propagating. We lived the transition of our farm, where pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers were used. When we acquired the farm, it was not organic and we knew nothing about farming. It is a constant learning and we as vegetarians and lover of organic products, made the transition little by little. In 2010, we did the complete transition. We began to use commercial organic fertilizers and then came Agnihotra and Biodynamic. We did heal a soil that was mistreated with pesticides, etc. Now, after 6 years, we are seeing the biodiversity on the farm, the amount of bio-controlling insects, butterflies, earth worms, etc. Although we began with Agnihotra right at a time of much challenge for our coffee cultivation due to the drought and the Roya disease, we are definitely in an Active Recovery.”

Mrs. Elena Biamon, 

Cripiña Farm, Utuado, Puerto Rico,