“In this Newsletter and the following we will talk about the use of Agnihotra ash and Homa bio-preparations that can be developed and applied in urban and / or rural farming. The applications of Agnihotra ash in farming are broad since its use can be directly to the soil as well as to crops as well as incorporated in handling and / or methodologies inserted in the sustainable agriculture. That is to say, it can be incorporated into work which deal with soil preparation, composting and vermiculture, seed treatment and conservation, water quality treatment for irrigation, preparation of bio-preparations, among others.
Agnihotra ash:
May produce disinfectant, anticoagulant effects. It has pesticidal and fungicidal properties. Agnihotra Ash can solve the problem of mineral deficiencies. It can be used throughout the development of the crop, from the preparation of soil till the end of the harvest. Frequency: It can be applied weekly.
Agnihotra Ash Solution:
It is prepared by incorporating a few handfuls (or 1 tablespoon per 4 liters of water) of powdered Agnihotra ash into a 100-liter water tank (or whatever size), to which one Yantra is added. It is left for three nights. On the fourth day, it is filtered and it can be used as foliar application to the crop and soil. It can also be spread through an irrigation system that has a filter. It is also used to treat diseased plants and to maintain the nutrition and fertility of crops and soils. Frequency of use: It can be applied every three days to the crops.

Carolina Morales Pavez, 

Iquique, Chile