Homa Biofertilizer Gloria Biosol – continued: ELABORATION

STEP 1: Have a plastic container with at least 200 liters to be able to prepare a useful amount. With proper storage Gloria Biosol can be preserved for a considerable time without losing its quality.
Put a Yantra (copper disk with special design) on a string into this container. Place it on the bottom with the design facing up. In addition, a tube (or part of a hose) must be introduced to eliminate the gases from the bio-digestion.
Once this is done, the container must be divided into three equal parts. These three spaces should be marked outside as each one is to be filled with a different ingredient for this process.
The first ingredient is fresh cow dung. It is not recommended that it be dry as it absorbs much water for processing and dilutes the concentrate we want to obtain. Remember that one liter of this biosol, once harvested, is diluted in 15 liters of water.

STEP 2: Then humus from the Vermicompost is incorporated into the second fraction of the container. Photo on the right.

STEP 3: Apply 40 grams of sieved Agnihotra ash (Lee, 2009). The fact that it is put through a strainer or sieve before is essential, so that when the product is used later, the clogging of drippers and/or nozzles is reduced or less likely.
Photos below.

STEP 4: Then Agnihotra ash solution (this preparation has already been described in the previous HHNL) is incorporated up to the half of the third portion of the container.

The tube as seen in the image must remain in the air space, which corresponds to the other half of the third fraction of the container. The function of this tube is to remove the gases that are generated from the bio-digestion of the ingredients used for the elaboration.On the outside, the tube is connected to a water bottle, as indicated by the first image in step 1

STEP 5:Then the container must be closed and sealed, that means, it must be airtight and not have any leakage.

STEP 6: Once sealed, record the date of manufacture. From there you may count 45-60 days before opening the biodigester to harvest Gloria Biosol. These number of days are valid for hot and humid areas. In cold regions and cold periods, the processing time may take up to 120 days.

The Homa biosol can be stored in plastic containers with airtight lids. The dilution is 1 liter of biosol in 15 liters of water.



 By Carolina Morales Pavez, Agronomist