“I am the man in charge of the garden at the Laulima Permaculture Farm. George, the owner, told me about the Homa fires. Near the house, we have a small citrus tree planted that was dying. I kept putting water on it, but I saw no change. However, this morning, after a couple of days of Agnihotra practice and applying some of its ash, I looked at the citrus tree and saw that there are new leaves and not just one. I must say that these new leaves shot up during the night. I asked myself “What is this?”
   I’m seeing something miraculous, because practically overnight, the plant has been pushing up leaves, and in all angles.

In addition, there are some plants that I planted 2 weeks ago and others that I just planting and to these recently planted we gave some Agnihotra ash. And now, after only 2 days, these are stronger and higher than the ones I planted first. And they are all from the same nursery.
It is very amazing for me to experience something like that. I am very grateful to have learned Agnihotra.”

Photo above: Pastor Thomas practicing Agnihotra.
Photos below: the Laulima farm where permaculture is practiced and only recently the practice of Agnihotra and the use of its ash has been added.

Pastor Thomas – My first Homa experience: