The basis for any soil preparation in any urban or rural garden is to have several ingredients, depending on the resources and availability of substances.
In the following example, horse manure, leaf soil, local soil, compost and Agnihotra ash were used. The preparation was as follows: Each available substance was applied as a layer until the bed reached at least 20 cm high.

 In this raised bed, Agnihotra Ash was applied while chanting the Tryambakam Mantra. It was watered with Gloria Biosol to reinforce the biological nutrition and thus safeguard the available fertility for the plants. Plastic bottles were filled with more plastic and used to create a border to contain the soil in this raised bed. This was done for a sustainable approach to construction, using recyclable materials.
 It is essential that at least every 45 days the raised bed is fertilized with compost or humus (vermiculture) so that it will always remain fertile. It also should be watered with Gloria Biosol at least once a week to maintain fertility and activity of micro-organisms in the soil.

 By Carolina Morales Pavez, Agronomist