I put water in a 10-gallon tank along with Agnihotra Ash. Then I wait for one week. At first I thought the water would be dirty and smelly, but it was not so. The water is crystalline and it makes you want to drink it. The water itself becomes like a crystal.
With this solution, I water the diseased plants and they heal.

The size of the fruits that my plants bear is amazing.    Here in the city, some of my plants havebefallen tremendous plagues. I thought that they would die. But, no. They have tremendous strength, they reject the parasites and they continue to bear good fruits. The lemon tree, for example, was practically dead and I was going to cut it. But my wife asked me not to cut the tree. (Photo above with his wife Estefania.) So, instead, I started throwing Agnihotra ash in large quantities at it, singing the Tryambakam Mantra.
The tree is now rejecting all the plagues and bugs. It already has new leaves, has just bloomed and has some fruit, although it is still small. It has practically been resurrected.

Here in my garden there is magic. The cherry tree is now very beautiful, full of green, full of fruits.
The cherimoyas are sweet and large.
 It seems as if they have added sugar.
In the morning, most times, when I do the fire out here in the garden, the birds fill up the tree and they sing the

   Mantra along with me. With Homa Therapy is interesting to see how some birds come to the palms close to the window of our bedroom and sing. They are birds that have a stunning sound which wakes me up. At half past five, they are waking me up so I go and do the Agnihotra Fire. I need no alarm or any of that. It’s wonderful to have my own nature clock.

Alejandro Cajas
Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America