“When we got this land 6 years ago, it was totally barren and now it is very beautiful. The trees have grown so fast. We practice Agnihotra and use its ash in the garden. We have noticed that all the trees are facing towards the Agnihotra shala. Literally they have changed their direction.
When we lived in Aurangabad we took a 4 ha land for cultivation. It had been used before for cattle, but due to draught the cattle had to leave.

  We used Agnihotra ash water and we had great experiences. The yield was so high that the owner of the land said, it cannot have grown on his soil.
We did grow a variety of vegetables. But in one hectare we grew only ladyfingers.
Half of that hectare we treated with chemicals in order to compare with the Agnihotra treatment. Even though I practiced Agnihotra, I wanted to see, to experience the results of Homa farming. That is my nature. I had to get the proof if all the good things about Homa were only written or really true.

    The ladyfingers which received the Agnihotra ash were much bigger, sweeter and so delicious, while the chemical ones were inferior in quantity and taste. So, I had the proof!

From the foundations of our house to the top, there is Agnihotra ash mixed with the building materials. It’s a very harmonious home with a good vibes.”

Vidhya Sarkhot
Chiplun, Maharashtra, India