• Use copper or glass vessels / utensils to handle Agnihtra Ash.
  • Using metal or plastic could contaminate the Agnihotra ash.


The simplest way to use the Agnihotra ash is in pure powder form. In order to have a fine, readily usable powder, pass the Agnihotra ash through a fine sieve, such as a tea strainer. It is easy to shake the Agnihotra ash through such a sieve or strainer and you will then have a fine Agnihotra ash powder. The bigger, harder parts that remain in the strainer can be given to plants or put into water sources like rivers or lakes. All water sources will be grateful for these healing energies. They can also be put into the compost pile to energize the soil. Wherever Agnihotra ash is placed it gives healing energy.


The following is the short list many things one can do with Agnihotra ash powder.

  • It can be used in this form as a healing powder on wounds, insect bites, eczema, skin irritations, burns, blisters, fungal infections, suppurating wounds, open leg wounds, sinusitis, cuts, bruises and all kinds of skin problems.
  • Many people take a pinch of Agnihotra ash orally three times a day with marvelous results. They feel stronger and their bodies detoxify.
  • According to ancient science, taking the ash is the only thing that counteracts radioactivity.
  • You can do your own experiments: for example add ash to water, yogurt, muesli, etc.
  • put a tablespoon full of Agnihotra ash powder into the bath for a special energy bath.
  • Put a pinch of Agnihotra ash powder in your body lotion, body oil or facial water so that the magnificent effects of Agnihotra ash are readily available. If one do not use any body care product, you can always put some Agnihotra ash powder in almond or olive oil and so create body oil full of energy.