The cream should not go into an open wound or blood stream.


  • Agnihotra Ash
  • Clarified unsalted Cow’s butter (Ghee)
  • Pure spring or well water


  • Combine one part ghee with three parts pure spring or well water by volume.
  • Knead together in a pure copper vessel with the palm of your right hand until the ghee absorbs some of the water.
  • Discard the excess water and add again three parts pure water to the ghee.
  • Repeat this process at least fifteen times.
  • Then combine one part Agnihotra powder with nine parts of this water-ghee emulsion in a copper or glass vessel suitable for preparing ointments.


  • This cream may be used externally and has a profound effect.
  • Massaging this into the skin over the organ improves its function and heals it.
  • Massaging over the muscle rejuvenates it and makes it stronger.
  • Take care that this mixture does not go into an open wound.