Although, this summer feels like being in an oven and the fumigations of the sky (chemtrails) are constant, I share these photos of some harvesting I did this morning in my little garden. I use Agnihotra ash from my fires. From time to time, I take my pyramid to chant a bit of Tryambakam Homa.
The cherry tomatoes are of excellent quality and the pumpkin variety is one of Mallorca with which the “Angel hair” is made and used in patisseries. I eat it as a crème and the truth is that it has a tremendous flavor and texture. All this is thanks to the Homa Fire!

 I also use orgons and quartz crystals that I have placed throughout the villa.
Otherwise, nothing would grow due to the aerial fumigations, the agricultural pesticides used in the surrounding fields, plus the unbearable heat that churns animals and plants.
Besides the company of my dogs and cats, I have the turtle doves and other birds that flutter through the skies above the porch as the Agnihotra smoke escapes into the atmosphere !! It is beautiful to watch.
Solar hugs. OM SHREE OM

Experiences with Homa in my Garden
Luis Alfonso Cuerva Gómez
Las Casas, Spain, Europe