When the phenomenon of the coastal “El Niño” started, last year in March, there were 41 ha of banana planted in Joselito. In general, at that time, the plant was smaller and with a thinner stem.
The average finger (banana) length was 24 cm
and the average caliber up to 42 mm.
After the phenomenon of the “El Niño” we had 26 ha in production. 15 ha have been affected by El Niño in a recoverable form.
Compared to other banana plantations in Alto Piura, we lost little. Their loss was up to 90% of the areas sown and in production.
The affected areas in Joselito banana plantation are already recovered and in full production.

Now the plants have a thicker stem, the flowers have become larger and stronger, which presages large clusters.
We have an average of 9 hands per bunch. However, each time at during harvest, clusters of 12 hands are presented, which previously were not seen.
The average finger length is now 26 cm and the average caliber 43 mm.

The Homa activities performed are: Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset in both cabins (Agnihotra and Triambakam). Triambakam Homa is performed from 6.30 a.m. until the departure of the staff, at 3.30 p.m., with an intermediate break at noon for one hour. Full moon and new moon we practice 24 hours of Triambakam Homa continuously.
The ashes of Agnihotra and the other Homas are prepared with water, applied to the crop in foliar form. This way we are taking advantage of its different effects such as fungicide, herbicide, nematocide, etc.
and as a fertilizer for the plants.

We are happy to be able to live in the Joselito Homa farm. It is a healing environment for the plants and for the human being.
We produce an organic product, nourished by the Homa Fires.
(Photos of the Joselito Homa banana plantation, where the healing and balancing vibration of the Homa Fires penetrate each cell of the plants and makes its’ fruits a highly energetic food.)

Andrés is Homa Technician at Joselito, near the village Chulucanas, located in the North of Peru: