The Homa farm Joselito was originally a desert, just pure sand. There was nothing.
Now, after a few years of fighting side by side as a team with Homa Therapy, we have achieved a lot.
Homa Therapy energizes us, gives us peace, gives us the spirit to focus on the right direction where we can solve problems.

Last year 2,000 milliliters of rain fell on us in 6 weeks, while per year usually in this desert, the rainfall is 200 milliliters. All the farmers suffered a lot because of these heavy rains and floods. Some farmers lost everything. We have had only 15 hectares affected, of which we have been able to recover all.

We practice the Fires of Homa Therapy in our Resonance Point daily.

We do Agnihotra and 8 hours of Triambakam Homa. On full moon and new moon, we do 24 hours. In addition, we apply the ashes, which energize the earth, plants and fruits.

Engineer Hernan Posas commented to the group of Agnihotris at a Rudra Yajnya done in the Homa banana plantation, “Joselito”: