COUNTRY South America
CITY Vinces, Ecuador
NAME María Fernanda Gómez
MONTH, YEAR March,  2018
ISSUE Psoriasis
High diabetes
Losed vision from right eye
Body swollen.
Painful Psoriasis on whole body
Mood swings and became depressed
Open wounds on skin
Normal sugar level
Feel better and Clear eyesight
Became calmer and happy
TYPE OF THERAPY Coming to Homa Therapy
Taking Agnihotra ash.


I’m 35 years old. I have been suffering from the most severe psoriasis for 8 years. I have gone through many treatments, like Fito therapies. The Biological Therapy was the strongest for me, I did it for approx. 3 years and it damaged my liver. My liver enzymes were super high and reached level 3.
My sugar went up too. I have had  diabetes in my gestational state. When I was pregnant, this was the only time I was without Psoriasis. I even lost some weight. Everything was fine during my pregnancy, except for the diabetes. Three months ago my Glucose test showed 180. That was before coming to Homa Therapy.             (Photo: María Fernanda Gómez)

Also, due to the steroid cream, which the doctor was prescribing, I was losing my vision and my body was swelling. In the right eye I could no longer see, only shadows; all was opaque and I felt like I wanted to leave. But after some time the corticoids did not work anymore for me; they did not help at all.
I had psoriasis on my head, my ears, on my whole body.
For me the most terrible thing was to bathe, because my skin burned barbarian. My whole body was bleeding. My skin was breaking. To put on closed shoes was impossible,
because the sides of my feet were open.
This is a very painful disease! Even emotionally 
it is, because a woman wants to look good. Taking about emotions, I was completely aggressive.
I could not work any longer and made the decision to leave my job, since I was under a very high pressure. I am an industrial psychologist.
I managed the whole area of the company’s re-organizational development.
But being at home, I became very depressed. I could not tolerate my daughter, nor my husband. I could not stand them. I did not want my husband to direct some words to me. I was very depressed in every way.
In this condition I came to Dr. Carriel. I was completely bedridden with a very aggressive and painful psoriasis. Even my fingers hurt. When I woke up in the night, I felt a very bad pain and could not move them. I came to a state where my clothes were sticking to my skin, because of the many open wounds.

     After the first time in Homa Therapy, the next day I already experienced relief. Relief, because the skin has gradually returning to normal.
After the first week, the psoriasis began to disappear.
I have only one month with the Homa treatment

and I thank the doctor and his wife Sarita very much.
Now, I only have very small spots on my legs and for me that is a tremendous improvement.
I was consecutively doing Agnihotra and taking its ash first thing in the morning and at night. Since the first night with Homa Therapy I recovered my sleep.
Before, because of the strong itching I was unable to sleep.

Above all things, I prayed to God so much and promised, that if I got better, I was going to bring more people to Homa Therapy so that they could also be healed. And truly, emotionally I also feel more calm and I feel overall very well.
In the second week of my Homa treatment, to get better faster, I drank water loaded with Agnihotra ash. And see, now, after having had breakfast, my sugar is in 128
and I’m not taking pills. This test was done recently.

I do not apply corticosteroids and my eye is fine and my fingers are too.
I feel good, I’m happy and I look younger!
Now my little daugther is my heartbeat, also in our relationship we get along well and I am much calmer. All this happened in just one month with Homa Therapy.
       Dr. Carriel adds:  her case is somehow amazing. When the patient arrived, one could see the pain on her face.  And now ,one can see her with a smile, a fresh and younger face. Her body was swollen and in a process of accelerated decalcification, caused by corticosteroids. However, now she is practically reaching normality.

María Fernanda Gómez
Patient of Dr. Luis Carriel, Vinces, Ecuador