COUNTRY South America
CITY Lima, Peru,
NAME Daughter of Psychologist Irma Garay
MONTH, YEAR November,  2006
ISSUE Daughter has Mental Health Problem. Aggressiveness and hyperactivity and Schizophrenia at very early age
GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA She had Mental Health problem. Showed aggressiveness and hyperactivity. Took strong medications like"Ritalin" and 5 pills of Carbamazipine daily.
She also needed other medications in order to be controlled.
She was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at the age of 12. The medication for the Schizophrenia was extremely strong injections that doped her.
It made her sleep 24 hours a day. she was in constant crises.
CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA In the third Agnihotra session, she stopped screaming.
Never again had to face a crisis of aggressiveness and her total lack of control.
In 6 months she was off the medication totally.
Now she is completely well and on no medication.
TYPE OF THERAPY Performance of Agnihotra daily.
DISEASE CATEGORY Mental Health Problems


Dr. Irma Garay and her daughter

Hyperactivity, Aggressiveness, Schizophrenia

My name is Irma Garay, I am a graduate in Psychology. But it seems that God likes the psychologists to be tested. God gave me the opportunity to face the situation of my daughter’s mental health at an early age. My girl showed problems of aggressiveness and hyperactivity and she took “Ritalin” when she was small. She was also taking 5 pills of Carbamazipine daily until I found the Homa Therapy. She also took other medications in order to be controlled. Then, at the age of 12 , she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. This meant constant crisis and our house seemed to be a psychiatric hospital. Many times ,we arrived at the emergency room in the Hospital Emilio Bardisan and the nurse asked: “Who is the patient here?” Because I was also in crisis and I could not control her.
My desperation was even greater, because I saw her die alive. The medication for the Schizophrenia, as you know, is extremely strong. We gave her injections that doped her. We made her sleep 24 hours a day. It was terrible and as I said it was seeing her die alive.
Thanks to God I learned about Homa Therapy. Many of you saw my daughter, when we arrived at the Clinic Turiassu. She was screaming during the time of Agnihotra, and this happened for hours in our home. But in the third Agnihotra session, she stopped screaming and until today we never again had to face a crisis of aggressiveness and her total lack of control. So much so, that within 6 months and gradually, by my own will, after her psychiatrist told me: “Under your own risk, do what you think”, I took her off the medication little by little. In 6 months I removed the medication totally. Now she is completely well and she does not take any medication, we only practice Homa Therapy. Thanks to this I am very happy and very glad and we owe a lot to Homa Therapy. I have many experiences and could spend hours talking about them. But I decided to commit myself to spread the Homa Therapy and maybe some day I will write a little bit more about it, so that this Therapy can be known. Because your lives truly change totally, if you decide to practice it.
But like any science. it requires discipline. If one does it with discipline and with perseverance, you cannot imagine the benefits. I tell you Our lives have changed so much. In the beginning I believed that my daughter’s health was a bad Karma, now I say it was a blessing. Because thanks to her problems, we met Homa Therapy and this changed our lives totally, even financially it has brought us many benefits, that you cannot imagine. I want to finish only suggesting you to practice it, just try it and see the results.

Psychologist Irma Garay
Lima, Peru, South America