COUNTRY South America
CITY San Cristobal, Pto. Bacarizo Moreno Gallapagos Islands, Ecuador,
NAME Mrs. Ysela Cobos Cordova
MONTH, YEAR January,  2007
ISSUE Sever Abdomen pain due to cysts in the ovary.
GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA She had sever pain in the abdomen due to cysts in the ovary.
Couldn't sleep for several days.
Allergic to foods like lobster, shellfish, pineapple or melon.
Body was always itching.
Had dry cough for one year.
CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA Abdomen pain was reduced after first homa therapy and gone gradually in few days.
started sleeping placidly.
Allergies were gone.
Itching stopped.
Cough disappeared.
TYPE OF THERAPY Performing Agnihotra daily.
Drinking milk with garlic
DISEASE CATEGORY Abdomen pain, Cough, Allergies


Mrs. Ysela together with Sister Estrella and other friends practicing Agnihotra in the Humboldt Chapel on the Island San Cristobal, Galapagos, Ecuador, South America

I was sick, one or two months ago. I was in bed with some terrible pains in the abdomen due to cysts that I have in the ovary. I took pills, but it still hurt. The first day, when I came to the HOMA Therapy, the pain was gone. The next day I felt a pain similar to the one you get after a race. So I began to attend every day the Agnihotra fire. Gradually the pain disappeared. Now I have no longer any pain.
I could not sleep for several days, but I started sleeping placidly from the first day I attended Agnihotra fire.
I have 10 days doing the HOMA Therapy. I was allergic to all the foods. I got sick after eating lobster, shellfish, pineapple or melon. So I had to take medications or a sun bath or go to the sea. Now I do not have any allergy, before my body was always itching. I also had an ugly and dry cough for one year. It would go away for a month and return.  Lately I was even drinking milk with garlic because my mom told me that it will alleviate a little. But the cough has disappeared the first day that I came to the HOMA Fires. However, in spite of all, I was incredulous. But now I can speak wholeheartedly. Here, my student can say what occurred in the classes. As soon as I tried to speak I would cough and that worried me because I thought that it was something related to the lungs. I was planning to go to the continent (firm land) to have this checked. Now, HOMA Therapy has taken care of all these problems and I hardly remember how many illnesses I had. I don’t like to talk about my illnesses in public, but I know that HOMA Therapy comes from God, and I tell everyone, that in fact, this is something good and it can help us. I am very well and happy thanks to HOMA Therapy.

Mrs. Ysela Cobos Cordova
Teacher Age: 44 years
San Cristobal, Pto. Bacarizo Moreno
Gallapagos Islands, Ecuador,  South America