COUNTRY South America
CITY Huánuco, Peru
NAME Cecilia Isabel Chung, Josefina Vega Zevallos and Violeta Montes Bravo
MONTH, YEAR December ,  2019
ISSUE Pregnancy
GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA Baby's position not perfect to born.
Body swollen and feel bad.
CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA Baby moved into right position.
Baby was born naturally without any problems.
TYPE OF THERAPY Participated with Agnihotra


Mrs. Cecilia Isabel:
This occurred at the end of February of 1995. I was over nine months pregnant and had problems with preeclampsia and my baby was in a position with his feet first to come. My body was swollen and I did not feel well. That’s why in the doctors were programming a cesarean section.
Nevertheless, I came to the practice of Agnihotra that was taking place in Mrs. Violeta’s house (where Master Vasant had visited), and something beautiful happened. I felt as if there were beings present. I felt a lot of movement around. I thought, maybe it was a wind, because there were trees around. The truth is, that when I went to the doctor for another evaluation and after examining me, he said that the baby has moved into the right position and it was best to wait a little longer. On March 5th, I started having labor pains. I went to the hospital and Isabelita was born naturally without any problem on March 6th.

Mrs. Josefina:
During this same Agnihotra meeting, I was praying that Cecilia Isabel did not suffer any longer. In a moment, I felt that people came in and sat next to me. I was with my eyes closed; however, I saw that these were people who came dressed in white. A lady with braids and a white head cover sat next to me.Another lady sat on the other side, but she was a little bigger. She whispered into my ear: Don’t worry, calm down. Isabelita will not be operated. Her baby will be a girl and will be born on March 6th.
The meditation ended and I opened my eyes and looked everywhere, but there were no ladies. There was no one, except the people we had started with. Then I said: “Isabelita, don’t worry. A lady has come and told me that you will not have problems. Your baby will be a girl and will be born on March 6th.” And so it has happened.

Mrs. Violeta:
Just before Agnihotra, I saw many angels entering the room. But I don’t know how they found place to sit down. I wondered how many angels were there? But I was happy because I saw them and all were dressed in white. They did not occupy space, but there they were. In this house, where this happened, Master Vasant had stayed when He came to Huánuco for the first time. So much Grace!

Cecilia Isabel Chung, Josefina Vega Zevallos and Violeta Montes Bravo
Huánuco, Peru, South America