Effect of Homa Organic Farming Practices on Soybean Crop

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION IN PATIENT'S OWN WORDS “According to Vruksha Ayurveda, the ancient plant science, atmosphere is the biggest single factor which not only provides more than 75 per cent nutrition to the plants but also affects plant, soil and water.Homa organic farming (HOF) is a step ahead of organic farming and promises to address some of the issues of environmental pollution. The Homa technique uses Agnihotra as the basic Yajnya and organic farming as the base in all agricultural practices. Soybean has shown good response to HOF at Indore in Madhya Pradesh registering a yield of 1800 kg per ha over only 350 kg per ha with conventional practices within one year of adopting HOF technique. soil micronutrient status after harvest of soybean crop: T4 (HOMA): Cu: 1.47 Zn: 0.65 Mn: 9.76 Fe: 8.98 mg/kg T10 (NON Homa): [...]