Homa Biofertilizer

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION IN PATIENT'S OWN WORDS  Homa Biofertilizer Gloria Biosol - continued: ELABORATION STEP 1: Have a plastic container with at least 200 liters to be able to prepare a useful amount. With proper storage Gloria Biosol can be preserved for a considerable time without losing its quality. Put a Yantra (copper disk with special design) on a string into this container. Place it on the bottom with the design facing up. In addition, a tube (or part of a hose) must be introduced to eliminate the gases from the bio-digestion. Once this is done, the container must be divided into three equal parts. These three spaces should be marked outside as each one is to be filled with a different ingredient for this process. The first ingredient is fresh cow dung. It is not recommended [...]

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