Cerebral ischemia, Blood sugar and Hypertension

COUNTRY CITY NAME MONTH, YEAR ,   ISSUE DURATION OF ILLNESS DURATION OF HEALING GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA TYPE OF THERAPY DISEASE CATEGORY ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION IN PATIENT'S OWN WORDS Pablus Gallinazus Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia, South America       "9 years ago, I met Abel and Aleta with Homa Therapy. I had been diagnosed as hypertense and I was dependent on Captopril for 15 years. After Homa Therapy, I was able to break that diagnosis and my tension is perfect. We have seen many healings during these years." Tita Pulido, artist and singer (wife of Pablus)           "I also remember that Pablus had been diagnosed after many exams, with a cerebral ischemia on the left side. First, he had been told that it was a clot, but the [...]