Homa Fire Therapy in Special School of Deaf Children

COUNTRY CITY NAME MONTH, YEAR ,   ISSUE DURATION OF ILLNESS DURATION OF HEALING GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA TYPE OF THERAPY DISEASE CATEGORY ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION IN PATIENT'S OWN WORDS Deaf children very attentive to the Mantras and the HOMA Fires Hello everyone!It is wonderful for us to be able to share our experience with the Homa Fires. We hope that these lines will encourage others to experiment with these Homas in their schools in many towns, cities and countries around the world. We are a Special School with 21 deaf children from 2 to 10 years of age. Our children have hearing and language problems We started the Homa Project in May 2006. Our objective was to use this healing tool (Homa Therapy) to improve - the health of our children- the level of attention and concentration- the awareness and protection of our [...]