Homa Fire Therapy in School for Handicapped Children

COUNTRY CITY NAME MONTH, YEAR ,   ISSUE DURATION OF ILLNESS DURATION OF HEALING GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA TYPE OF THERAPY DISEASE CATEGORY ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION IN PATIENT'S OWN WORDS Teachers and children singing together the Tryambakam Homa daily as part of the school program. Healing with Homa Fires The practice of Homa Therapy allowed me to experience many positives changes as a teacher in the drawing and painting workshops at “CEP. TERESA DE CALCUTTA”, a school for handicapped children. By carrying out the fires of Agnihotra and Triambakam together with workshops for Spirituality for the children , they progressed and responded quickly in the classes. They were able to quiet down, relax and practice meditation. So their aggressiveness in [...]