Healing Schizophrenia,Hyperactivity, Aggressiveness – Mental Illness

COUNTRY CITY NAME MONTH, YEAR ,   ISSUE DURATION OF ILLNESS DURATION OF HEALING GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA TYPE OF THERAPY DISEASE CATEGORY ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION IN PATIENT'S OWN WORDS Dr. Irma Garay and her daughter Hyperactivity, Aggressiveness, Schizophrenia My name is Irma Garay, I am a graduate in Psychology. But it seems that God likes the psychologists to be tested. God gave me the opportunity to face the situation of my daughter's mental health at an early age. My girl showed problems of aggressiveness and hyperactivity and she took "Ritalin" when she was small. She was also taking 5 pills of Carbamazipine daily until I found the Homa Therapy. She also took other medications in order to [...]