Panic Attacks

COUNTRY CITY NAME MONTH, YEAR ,   ISSUE DURATION OF ILLNESS DURATION OF HEALING GENERAL CONDITION BEFORE AGNIHOTRA CONDITION AFTER AGNIHOTRA TYPE OF THERAPY DISEASE CATEGORY ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION IN PATIENT'S OWN WORDS Photo: Mrs. Cirila Tovar with her daughter at the Homa Medical Center ‘The Good Shepherd’.     I am 71 years old. I came to Dr. Montufar with my daughter, because I suffered the loss of my son. That affected me very strongly. I have been coming now for about one month. I could not speak, my chest hurt so much. At night, I woke up and could not sleep again. I had "panic attacks", I felt like I was going to die.  Participating in Agnihotra and taking its healing ash, I [...]